Effective Time Management

Every time we fail to finish what we planned, we blame our lack of time. But is it really true that we don't have sufficient time or is the REAL problem that we are not making effective use of the time available to us? 

Essentially, managing time, like any other problem, requires mastering the principles of analysis, planning and discipline.

This course will show learners how to approach and structure time in a more effective way, which in turn will enable them to increase productivity and restore balance to their hectic lifestyles.

Learners will diagnose their current use of time and investigate whether they have any time-wasting habits. Once they understand how they currently use their time, they will be shown how to make optimum use of their available time by using time-saving techniques and planning tools.

The course comprises time management theory as well as some training on using the task and planning functionality in MS Outlook.

The course is aligned to Unit Standard 117171, NQF level 3- Manage time effectively to enhance productivity and enable a balanced lifestyle.

Target market

The publication is aimed at any person who:

  • Wants to increase work productivity and effectiveness 
  • Regularly has to juggle a number of different tasks
  • Wants to feel more in control of their daily tasks 
  • Wants to use Outlook as a critical time tool to schedule and plan tasks 
  • Wants to learn how to identify and manage time wasters
  • Wants to learn how to prioritise to get things done on time 
  • Wants to identify and control interruptions.
Publication includes

  • Over 30 interactive exercises and activities
  • Practical examples of the concepts discussed
  • Self-evaluation quizzes: Balanced Lifestyle Assessment, Optimal Use of Time
  • Printable checklists/ worksheets for
    • To Do List
    • Priority Form
    • Daily Planning Sheet
    • Weekly Planning Sheet
    • Action Plan Worksheet
  • Step-by-step presentations for:
    • Creating a Weekly Planning Sheet, 
    • Printing Weekly Tasks and a Weekly Calendar 
    • Printing a Daily Task List.
Publication content

Module 1 – My Current Use Of Time

  • The 168 hour limit
  • How do you feel about how you spend your 168 hours?
  • Who controls your schedule?
  • Daily time log for work
  • The tests of time
  • Analyse your time
  • A personal time audit

Module 2 - Investigating My Habits

  • Productivity
  • A balanced lifestyle
  • Lifestyle self-assessment
  • Support structures
  • Stress and productivity
  • Dealing with interruptions
  • Personal needs and the optimal use of time

Module 3 - Methods For Managing My Time

  • Planning
  • Writing objectives
  • Getting your priorities straight
  • Short-term planning
  • Long-term planning
  • Planning tools

Module 4 - Using Microsoft Outlook To Plan Your Time

  • Using Task Manager to create a weekly planning sheet
  • Print weekly tasks and work week calendar
  • Print daily task List

Module 5 - Exercising My Time Management Skills

  • Planning exercise
  • What to do when things don’t go as planned
  • Time management tips and habits.

Suggested Learning