How It Works

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Browse the courses on the website. When you have selected one that you wish to enrol on, you should follow the steps below: 

  1. If you are not already a student, register as a student at Ishango  College TM ( click here for the registration form)
  2. Once you have registered and you have your student number, you can purchase a course from Ishango College. 
  3. Login to the Learning Hub.
  4. From the Our Courses page, select the course that you wish to enrol on. Press “Buy Course”. 
  5. When your payment has been successfully processed you will see a HOME button.  You can click on this and link to your personal Home page in the Learning Hub in order to proceed with your course. You will also receive an email confirming your enrolment into the course(s) you have bought.
  6. You will see your course under the "My courses" section. 

Your Course Material 
Your course material will be presented in VirtualBook® format. 

To use VirtualBook® you will download the VirtualBook® Reader onto your PC at the beginning of your first course.  Once it is installed you do not need to download it again. 

The VirtualBook® format simulates the look and feel of a traditional book, and permits you to use familiar study tools such as :

  • highlighters 
  • notes 
  • timer and progress tracking 
  • spell checker and thesaurus. 

VirtualBook® enables you to study offline and go online when you choose to, for example take a test or visit a hyperlink in the course notes.

VirtualBook® training modules contain self-assessment quizzes, multimedia clips (such as video), links to extra resources and websites.

VirtualBook® System requirements:

Pentium II or better, running Windows Vista/Windows 7/ Windows 8 (Pro) with 64MB RAM, graphics card with at least 800x600 resolution. Access to the Internet and a sound card if required. The VirtualBook® 4.0 Reader will require approximately 80 MB of hard disk space.  Additional free disk space will be required for installation of content.  Training manuals vary in size from 1 MB to a few hundred MB, depending on the inclusion of videos and other multimedia. 

Final Assessment and Certificate 
At the end of your training module you will be asked to take an online test via the Ishango College Learning Hub.  You will have three chances to pass the online test. 

Once you have completed the required online tests for your module, you will receive a certificate confirming your completion of the course.

The Ishango College Learning Hub 
Although your e-learning course will give the freedom to study at your convenience - anytime, anywhere - you will have the support of staff at Ishango CollegeTM during your course.  You will also be able to communicate with fellow students on social media and work groups that are created per course.