Effective Writing and Communication for Business & Industry

Good written communication remains the cornerstone of successful professional and business practice. Whether you are sending an email, writing a report or making a proposal, you create an impression. 'In business, you cannot afford to make the wrong one.

Since the writer is rarely present when the item is read, s/he must convey the information accurately and unambiguously. The technical and financial content with its related special vocabulary should never obscure the essential message. Thus, to convey a message simply and clearly through the written word is a process for which the writer must develop a variety of skills.

Some of these skills are:

·      selecting and organising information for the reader
·       writing coherent sentences and paragraphs
·     having a sound command of English grammar and vocabulary
·       providing graphics where appropriate
·       creating a readable and presentable document.

This course covers these skills and it describes the requirements in terms of style and format of the different documents commonly written. These are reports, business proposals, letters and emails, agenda and minutes, and curricula vitae and letters of application.

Target market

All professionals and students in business, industry and higher education institutions.

Publication includes

·       Over 50 interactive exercises

·       Video presentations

·       Audio clips providing commentary on video presentations

·       Links to websites with additional information

·       Practical examples of concepts throughout the text

Publication content

1. Requirements for Effective Writing

·         Selecting appropriate information

·         Pitching appropriately to your reader

·         Planning the message

·         Producing the document

·         Grammar and style

2. Mail @ Work

·         Style and tone in mail

·         Types of letters and emails

·         Email

·         Memoranda

·         Faxes

·         The visual impact of text

·         Common errors

3. Managerial Skills and Requirements

·      Building effective teams

·      Persuasion and negotiation

·      Ethics at work

·      Meetings: agenda and minutes

4. Business proposals and business plans

·         Proposals in business and industry

·         Writing a business plan

5. Report Writing

·         The nature of reports

·         Writing techniques

·         Types of reports

6. Presentation Skills

·         Oral presentation skills

·         Paired and group presentations

·         Credibility of the speaker

·         Troubleshooting

7. Graphics, Visual Aids, PowerPoint and Posters

·         Why, when and how to use graphics

·         Types of tables

·         Types of figures

·         Visuals in oral messages

·         Posters: a graphic representation

About the author

Dr Jane English is an Associate Professor at UCT where she heads up the Professional Communication Studies department and is responsible for teaching, administration and curriculum design.

System Requirements:

  • PC running Windows 7/ Windows 8 (Pro) /Windows 10
  • Windows Office products: MS Word, MS Excel
  • Access to the Internet

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