Simply Successful Advanced Selling

This course builds on the content covered in the Simply Successful Selling course.

It will assist sales staff in understanding advanced selling techniques which will help them progress to the next level of sales excellence.

Target market

This book is aimed at salespeople who need to improve their selling skills, and is suitable for retail, manufacture or service industry enterprises and salespeople.

Course content

1. Understanding the unique challenges facing all sales   people in the world today

2. Some advanced opening approaches and techniques:

·         The professional, clinical approach

·         The traditional “small talk” approach

·         The business card, remembering the clients name approach

·         The unusual, attention getting approach

·         The difficult to get meetings with customer approach

·         The other person, reference approach

·         The company, complimentary approach

·         The customer benefit approach

·         The cost-saving benefit approach

·         The product / service demonstration approach

·         The friendship gift approach

·         The peacock, show-off approach

·         The curiosity did not kill the cat approach

·         The customer’s canvassed opinion approach

·         The factual reality-check or shock approach

·         The industry problem situation approach

·         The economic situation approach

·         The integrated approach

·         The met you at that conference or seminar approach

·         The jackpot question approach

3 . Some advanced techniques for qualifying needs and  questioning:

·         The two most effective advanced approaches to qualifying needs

·         The most important questioning techniques that you must master

4. Some advanced closing techniques:

·         The Early Commitment Combination Technique. (ECCOMB)

·         The Early Commitment Comparative Analysis Technique. (ECCOMPAR)

5. Understanding the different generations you are selling to:

·         The silent / mature generation (1925 - 1942)

·         The Baby Boomer generation (1943 - 1960)

·         The Generation X Era (1961 - 1981)

·         The Millennial Generation (Generation Y / Next or Nexter Generation) (1982 - 1998)

·         Generation Z Era (1999 – 2019 +)

6. Understanding the different personality types of buyers   you are selling to:

·         The matrix of different types of buyers

7. How to determine if prospective or existing clients are lying to you

8. Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) selling techniques for   sales people:

·         Visual mode

·         Auditory mode

·         Kinesthetic (Feelings) mode    

9. How to deliver a world class sales presentation

Suggested Learning
Duration: Self-paced
Price: R2500.00

Simply Successful Selling is a concise, practical and comprehensive course for new salespeople in retail, manufacturing and services sec...