Simple Successful Marketing for Small Business

This publication provides a comprehensive yet succinct guideline of all the key marketing elements that entrepreneurs need to know to ensure that their products or services are marketed effectively and efficiently.

Target market

This book is aimed at new or prospective entrepreneurs, who need to acquire the basic knowledge and skills required to create a marketing plan.

Publication includes

  • More than 40 interactive exercises
  • Printable templates: Brand personality document, Market Segmentation document, Promotion strategy document, STEPCOM analysis document, SWOT document, Strategy document, Annual sales and revenue document.

Publication content

1. Introduction

2. What is marketing?  

3. Determine your marketing goals and objectives  

  • Visualise your goals  
  • Set realistic and challenging goals
  • Set specific goals  
  • Set measurable goals  
  • Set time-bound goals in respect of the short, medium and long-term goals  
  • Set at least one primary goal and not more than three secondary goals  

4. Conduct a STEPCOM and SWOT analysis  

  • Complete a STEPCOM analysis of the market place  
  • Complete a marketing SWOT analysis  
  • Devise your strategy to overcome the impact of STEPCOM and SWOT factors 

5. Design your product or service 

  • Designing the anatomy of your products / services  
  • Determine the market segmentation of your products / services 
  • Position your products / services in terms of the price-quality matrix 
  • Major reasons why certain products or services are successful  
  • Major reasons why certain products fail or brand loyalty declines  
  • Understanding the customer buying process  

6. The marketing mix: 7 Ps of marketing  

  • Product  
  • Price  
  • Place  
  • Promotion  
  • People 
  • Processes 
  • Physical evidence (Assets) 

7. Internet Marketing

  • Website
  • Social media( Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Other channels)

8. The most common mistakes made by small business owners 

9. Marketing plan 

10. Conclusion  


The primary objective is to provide prospective or new entrepreneurs and even existing entrepreneurs with the necessary knowledge and skills that will enable them to compile and implement a comprehensive, practical Marketing Plan.

The secondary, objectives are to ensure that they acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in order to:

  • Establish proper practical marketing objectives.
  • Do a proper STEPCOM analysis or environmental scan and SWOT analysis.
  • Design the product or service concept properly.
  • Define and understand the market segmentation strategy.
  • Position the product properly in the market in terms of the price-quality matrix.
  • Compile a marketing mix in terms of the 7 Ps of marketing.
  • Compile a comprehensive Marketing Plan.

Suggested Learning
Duration: Self-paced
Price: R2500.00

The primary objective is to provide prospective or new entrepreneurs with the necessary knowledge and skills to enable them to successfully start up a new small business.