Simple Successful Small Business

The decision to start your own small business is probably one of the most important decisions you will ever have to make in your life. The soul searching and courage displayed to arrive at such a decision is incomparable and we salute your decision to become an independent small business owner.

Kenneth Fisher has worked in this field for more than 20 years.  The knowledge gained in making numerous decisions and mistakes while running his own small business, as well as financing small businesses and advising and mentoring small businesses, has enabled him to compile a comprehensive yet succinct guideline in order to assist prospective and new entrepreneurs.

Target market

This book is aimed at new or prospective entrepreneurs, who need to acquire the basic knowledge and skills required to start a new small business.

Publication includes

  • More than 50 interactive exercises
  • Printable templates: Improvement action plan, Business ideas, Detailed viability of two business ideas, Feedback on business idea, Brand personality document, Market Segmentation document, Promotion strategy document.
  • Example of a: Projected Income Statement, Projected Cash Flow forecast, Projected Balance Sheet 

Publication content

1. Introduction

2. Characteristics of successful entrepreneurs

3. Selecting an idea that suits you

4. Setting proper personal and business goals

  • Visualise your goals 
  • Set realistic and challenging goals 
  • Set specific goals
  • Set measurable goals 
  • Set time bound goals 
  • Set at least one Primary Goal, and three Secondary Goals 

5. Developing your business plan 

  • General guidelines 
  • What is a Business Plan? 
  • The recommended Business Plan format 
  • The key determinants of successful Business Plans 

6. Deciding on a business format that suits your needs 

  • Sole proprietorship and partnership 
  • The company and close corporation 

7. Ensuring that your business is properly registered 

8. Important points when applying for financial assistance 

9. Important financial information 

  • Mark-up % calculation 
  • Gross profit % calculation 
  • Breakeven turnover calculation 
  • Breakeven number of units calculation 
  • The maximum customer discount % calculation 
  • Margin of safety % calculation 
  • True total cost per unit calculation

10. Important tips for start-up 

11. Finding experts 

12. Developing your marketing plan 

  • Design the anatomy of your product or service 
  • Determine brand personality and align it to your product 
  • Design a marketing slogan 
  • Determine your CPA and USP  
  • Determine the market segmentation of your product(s) or service(s)
  • Determine your most cost-effective promotion strategy 

13. Successful management tips 

  • Tips for successful financial administration  
  • Tips for successful operations management 
  • Tips for successful human resources management 

14. What to do when things go wrong 

  • What to do when your business suffers some setbacks 
  • What to do when your business experiences serious problems that result in liquidation 
  • Key determinants for the success of a small business 

15. Conclusion  


The primary objective is to provide prospective or new entrepreneurs with the necessary knowledge and skills, to enable them to successfully start up a new small business.

The secondary, objectives are to ensure that they acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in order to:

  • Avoid the most common mistakes
  • Understand what entrepreneurial characteristics or traits
  • Select a suitable business idea
  • Set proper personal and business goals
  • Compile a basic Business Plan
  • Decide on a suitable form of business ownership
  • Register their business
  • Apply for financial assistance
  • Perform important financial calculations
  • Source appropriate legal, financial, technical, marketing, human resources and mentoring advice for your business
  • Develop a basic Marketing Plan
  • Undertake successful financial, operations and human resources management for your business.

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This publication provides a comprehensive yet succinct guideline of all the key marketing elements that entrepreneurs need to know to en...